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Carving space for the next generation.

Designed as a simple solution to quickly carve and divide space, h@kr creates energized environments where teamwork, learning and collaboration is the working norm. A thoughtful mix of lightly-scaled components with tech-savvy features allows for easy product maneuvering and instant reconfigurability. 

Influenced by the next generation of workers, h@kr reshapes environments for self-expression and rapid-fire collaboration. Privacy panels, with optional glassboard, transform spaces into forward-thinking, informal meeting centers. 


  • H@kr provides comfortable and functional solutions for common spaces even in the tightest of spaces.
  • One and two seat components and connecting tables are smartly sized for easy specification.
  • Tables feature optional built-in power centers with USB ports and electrical connectivity.
  • Round and square ottomans provide lightweight movable seating for increased social interaction.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame construction.
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